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What is included:


5-pages website

From startups to online projects to small eCommerce – a 5-page website is a perfect solution to get you started. 
You will receive 5 content pages + up to 10 product pages if you need them.


1-year of super-fast hosting

You can completely design a website from top to bottom and buy a domain name for your business, but until you put the site up on a server, it cannot be accessed by anyone online. This is why web hosting is important: no one online will be able to access your website until it is hosted on a server. We offer a super-fast hosting for all of our website packages.

5 Drop-Down Links

Dropdown menus allow you to place more content and links on a page without cluttering it, they’re commonly used on websites and web applications to hide items that users might not need to see after the initial page load.

Payment gateway integration

We work with and integrate all major online payment solutions including PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Interactive customer forms

Interactive customer forms include a range of question types and input fields that allow you to gather any kind of information you need.

Dynamic content

Enhance customers’ experience with eye-catching dynamic content. 

Free Google Sitemap

sitemap is a file on your site that tells search engines which pages on your site they should know about. We will submit a sitemap to all search engines including Google.

Secured SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection.
Your website will receive a 30-year SSL certificate.

3 business emails redirecting to your personal account

Bring your communication up with 3 professional business emails. We will keep it simple for you by connecting them to your personal accounts so that you don’t miss  anything important! 

Social media banners

Social media buttons and banners make it easy for your readers to share your content. Expand the reach of your content to new audiences and generate new visitors with social media buttons.

Newsletter subscription

Grow customer base with simple but beautiful subscription forms. 

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is critical for providing a seamless user experience. All our wesbsites are fully responsive for any type of devices. 

SEO optimisation

It’s all about helping search engines understand and present the content of your website to the customers. Our tailor-made SEO plans ensure that your specific needs are addressed.

Speed optimisation

We implement the best practices to make your website as fast as possible, because in today’s fast-paced digital world, users expect websites to load quickly; if they don’t, they will quickly move on to the next site.

Marketing platform integration

Your website will be integrated with any of the most well-known email marketing platforms. 

Integrated CMS

We create a special content management system specially tailored to your needs – create, publish and edit your content how you wish. We provide full training and access to your own CMS database.

1 meeting to discuss the website & 2 free corrections

Step 1: You tell us in details about the website of your dreams/ needs
Step 2: We prepare some styling ideas
Step 3: We have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the styling and finalize the outline & pages structure
Step 4: We will create the website according to your requests
Step 5: You will have 2 free corrections to make changes to the website

Examples of 5-pages Websites

A Small Website up to 5 pages is ideal for companies, startups, and small ecommerce who wants to get their business online professionally, yet affordably. Through extensive experience of developing websites for businesses, we build websites that are user-friendly, search engine optimised, responsive, fast and represent your business the you way you want. Our affordable website package is designed to cover needs of most clients, however, we offer bespoke solutions as well.

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